Brief Course Description IELTS Preparation

This program effectively prepares students for the IELTS examination. It includes the teaching of test practice strategies skills for all areas of the IELTS exam. It is comprehensive.

The IELTS course puts equal weight on
reading writing, listening, speaking and test taking strategies. The
course also covers sub skills such as academic vocabulary,
academic style and study skills each day.

Textbooks Required for this
All text books and resources:
Core text: Focus on IELTS by Sue O’Connell

Course outline / description

Student Progress/Assessment Methods
The course will include a regular
practice exam  so students and instructors are
able to monitor student progress. Students are able to
receive instant feedback and it allows them to make decisions
on which areas to improve.

Attendance Expectations 80%
Learning Objectives/Outcomes By the end of this course, students should be able to:
-recognize their true level in speaking, reading, listening and
-recognize and overcome challenges presented in the IELTS
-write different academic essay types
-evaluate and self correct their speaking
-be prepared for the mechanics of the IELTS examination (time,
order, format)
-skim, scan and focus on target material in academic reading
-interpret and describe statistical data using appropriate language
and grammar
-demonstrate enhanced vocabulary in writing and speaking
-formulate, express and defend opinions using appropriate
-demonstrate improved listening skills for comprehension and