Beginning English

  • Writing Practice – Students will improve their use of capital letters, past tense time markers, time word connectors, the connectors ‘and’ and ‘but’, and correct usage of punctuation (commas, periods, and question marks) in simple and compound sentences.

Beginning English II

  • Writing Practice – Students will use time sequence markers and time clauses for better writing organization. Students will practice expressing and supporting their opinions in various written paragraphs, as well as write a business letter.

Pre-Intermediate English 

  • Writing – Students will write comprehensively, demonstrating an organized presentation of ideas using simple and compound sentences with proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and structure. Emphasis will be on writing paragraphs that employ the four basic writing steps, and consist of time-order, narrative, and descriptive paragraphs with the use of brainstorming and clustering to organize pre-writing ideas.

Intermediate English

  • Writing – Students will write comprehensively, demonstrating organization and development of a minimum of a three-paragraph essay (narrative and descriptive), using clear topic sentences, specific, descriptive details to support main ideas, and a strong conclusion with an emphasis on paragraph unity. Students will engage in significant practice of combining sentences with conjunctions to form compound and complex sentences, recognizing run-on sentences and sentence fragments, using listing-order transition signals, and expressing a written opinion effectively using proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure.

Upper-Intermediate English

  • Writing – Students will write comprehensively, demonstrating effective presentation of ideas in multi-paragraph essays with a clear thesis and well-developed outline. Students will be expected to compile a writing portfolio which will include process, persuasive and compare/contrast essays. Focus is on a five-paragraph essay that demonstrates competency in communicating critical thinking and analytical thought using proper grammar, advanced punctuation, and appropriate vocabulary.

Advanced English

  • Writing – Students will concentrate on refining and enhancing their written ideas with an emphasis on fluency, conciseness, audience, and rhetorical expression with persuasive, problem/solution, and expository essays. The goal of this course is the improvement of written work through multiple revisions with awareness of syntax, word usage to convey thoughts effectively, consistency of language and accurate mechanics. Students will utilize these skills for summarizing, avoiding plagiarism, and mastering the use of direct and indirect quotations in formal written assignments.